Our hosting provider logs who access this website. The standard information typically collected for this purpose includes your current IP (Internet Protocol) address, the browser you use to access this website, and details about access (the time you access the site and the name of your Internet Service Provider) and use (the pages you view and where you leave the site).


We integrate Twitter content using Twitter’s Publish service. When you interact with Twitter content on our website, Twitter stores a small text file, or ‘cookie(Wikipedia), on your device.

You can delete cookies and block services from setting new cookies through your Web Browser.

Twitter integration

Twitter provides a detailed overview of the data that is being collected as part of this integration.

We use Insites’ cookie consent script (source code available on GitHub). This script informs first-time visitors and points them to this page.

This script also stores a cookie on your device to suppress this message when you visit the Macromarketing website again.